ASP.NET stands for Active Server Pages .NET and is developed by Microsoft. ASP.NET is used to create web pages and web technologies and is an integral part of Microsoft's .NET framework vision. As a member of the .NET framework, ASP.NET is a very valuable tool for programmers and developers as it allows them to build dynamic, rich web sites and web applications using compiled languages like VB and C#. ASP.NET helps to bring out the real world web applications in documentation time.

We have a sound team of dedicated ASP.NET developers consists of quality experts, ASP.NET programmers, architects, and developers. Our Custom web application development provides a customized application solution in .NET framework ensure you, about flexibility of creating web based applications efficiency.

We develop smart strategies for the internet medium- building your brand awareness, increasing revenue, improving customer loyalty, boosting stock value, improving partnerships and increasing communication flow.

Our ASP.NET takes complete advantages of:
Type safety
Common Language Runtime
All of the other features that .NET platform have.

This significantly improves performance because it is compiled rather than interpreted, which permits early binding, just in time, and strong typing to the native code.

Effective Web Design & Development is essential for the business on internet and it includes wide range of components. PHP web development is the best solution to meet requirements of companies, groups and individual businessmen. PHP web development can be efficiently used in building various websites for wide range of industries, the range of PHP based products are E-Commerce sites, job portals, custom web applications, intranet portals, CMS driven websites, social networking websites, and many more.

DND Infotech is a professional Web Development Company with long time exposure in PHP web development for global clients. On the basis of PHP/MySQL development experience, we have active share in growing rate of PHP usage, which can be estimated with glance over our portfolio for PHP based customized website development projects performed by us. All of our PHP developers have approx. 2+ Years of hands on experience in their respective areas.

We provides timely, efficient and affordable PHP Programming Services, in order to provide outsource PHP programming services for both new and existing dynamic websites running on the PHP, Apache and MySQL combination becoming choice of masses for delivering dynamic web content. Our PHP web development center has highly skilled and experienced team of professionals. With our experienced and highly professional staff we focus on delivering high quality services at affordable price to our valuable customers. Our customized open source development services are meant to facilitate multiple business requirements of any business. Business solutions provided by us help maximize profits as we always deliver high quality solutions to clients.

The shopping cart is software that allows you to create an ecommerce website very easily. Thanks to the shopping cart, you can create great-looking e-store, with lots of pictures of your products and you can start receiving online payments right away. Your customers can select multiple products on your website and pay with their PayPal account or credit card. The shopping cart software automatically totals the order and shows taxes and shipping rates.

The shopping cart module can be used to enhance literally any web site with Ecommerce functionality. It can even be hosted by a separate web server. Integration with the main web site is quick and straight-forward. It is the leading Open Source online shop e-commerce solution. It features a rich set of out-of-the-box online shopping cart functionality that allows you to setup, run and maintain your online store with minimum effort and with no costs, license fees, or limitations involved.

DND Infotech establishing an e-shop which can greatly expand your business presence into national and international markets. Using an e-commerce optimized web hosting plan will help you to decrease the e-shop upkeep. Also, the e-commerce solution will provide your potential customers with valuable information about your business, your future plans and company profile. In addition to offering increased visibility for your business, the e-commerce hosting solution will keep your shop open for customers 24/7 all year round.

Dynamically calculates delivery costs in the online shopping cart based on shipping weight. Our applications are Search Engine friendly and content management systems. Our team is capable of handling all aspects of E-commerce web site development and online shopping cart solution, including end-to-end security, distributed transaction processing, XML-based interoperability, and integration with online payment, order processing, content management, and customer relationship management systems.

Content management separates the navigation and design aspects of your website from the content itself. This makes it easy for you to change the content, without affecting the design.

Advantages of Content Management Solutions (CMS)
Multi language support
It promotes easy and quick reorganization of old archives and updates the very recent developments
Every page is dynamic. i.e. generated on the fly content comes from a database
Manages digital assets such as Microsoft word, MS excel, PDF documents, videos, images etc
It helps clients to compose professional email campaigns
It helps to collaborate new contents or recent updates such as new product launch in scheduled time with great efficiency
Content Management enables collaboration across all offices. It supports collaboration among all participants in the content production process

Main Content Management Systems are:
Custom CMS

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