Our SEO Process
Ninety percent of the net traffic is through the major search engines. In order to exploit this potential online buyers market it is vital that your website is visible to the surfer from the millions of websites on the internet. The way to achieve this is to have a and other search engines. We can carry out programs for your site and you will see the difference in the traffic to your site and your ranking on search result pages in no time at all.

Our team of dedicated experts will study your site, business and market behavior to bring forth the perfect key words for your text. This process is bound to increase your visibility on the net and consequently make a dramatic difference to your business performance.

Our Search Engines Optimization Program include :

An in depth study of the website, target visitors, industry and competition
Determination of the search engine friendliness of your site and location of any blocks
The detailed research into and selection of relevant keywords and key phrases for your business
Optimization of your pages using appropriate keywords
Creation of Search engine friendly site map and optimizing text based navigation of the site
Incoming / one-way or reciprocal linking building
Submissions of home page by hand to the top search engines & directories
Ranking reports and tweaking if necessary after optimization of the site
Pre and post optimization evaluation of site with details of ranking and visibility
Requirement for Search engine Optimization :

The latest figures show that 81% of people using search engines find the information they need every time or most of the time. Of those who didn't find the correct information, 77% would conduct a different search on the same search engine.

45% of information seekers search by using multiple keywords or key phrases, 28% use one keyword, 18% search by a pre-defined option (such as browsing through a directory category) and 9% search by typing in a question.

The top 30 results get over 90% of search engine traffic and the top 10 results receive nearly 80% more search engine traffic than those in positions 11-30 achieve.

Our SEO experts do specialized search engine optimization on the following factors that influence top search engine ranking :

Researching your keywords
Implementing search engine friendly design
Proper Optimization of Title and Header Tag
Easy Navigation
Utilize the Alt tag, Anchor Text and Inbound links properly
Unique and Quality Content
HTML Validation / Error free code
Link Structure / Site Map

Ranking Maintanence Services
The ranking maintenance service is important to maintain the top Ranking achieved by SEO efforts and consistent high position of your website in search engine.

website ranking in search engine can be changed for many reasons?

Pages can change for many reasons:
Your competitors may optimize their sites as a result of which your web page rank maybe lowered
There are constant changes and improvement in Search Engine Algorithms
The visitors often change their search and online buying patterns
There maybe a change in the market share of the search engine
What we have to do for opting for Ranking Maintenance Services?
It all depends upon the requirements and the selected package:
A monthly Ranking report
Ongoing Key word research – depending on package.
Competition Gap Analysis – as often as contracted.
Algorithm change updates –for a certain number of predetermined pages
Regular Traffic analysis
Search Engine Optimization of new content as requested
Monthly Page rank, link back and Search Engine saturation reports.

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